Baywood is 18 holes of rolling terrain nestled in the Beauty of Humboldt’s Redwood Coast.
Designed By Chandler Egan in 1933, the Course boasts several beautiful vistas.  Players will enjoy cart paths throughout, with a beautiful Club House perched on the hill.

Hole 1

Par 5 / 515-500-485-480yds.

A welcoming wide-open beginning to beautiful Baywood. Send a tee shot over the gentle crest of the hill and find open space rolling down toward the green, just make sure not to overshoot or you will end up in the pond. Enjoy your first look of the magnificent redwoods

Hole 2

Par 5 / 535-510-495-475 yds.

 The second of back-to-back par-5’s. Stay on the right side of the fairway or get caught in trees. Don’t be short with the approach to the large green, just make sure to mind the bunkers in the back!

Hole 3

Par 4 /325-320-310-285 yds.

This is a dogleg left, but the tree shot needs to keep right for a clear short-iron approach. The green is severely sloped so stay below the hole.

Hole 4

Par 4 / 335-330-325-300 yds.

The second of back-to-back short par 4’s. This is a straight and narrow hole so left or right with any shot invites trouble.

Hole 5

Par 3 /160-135-100-90 yds.

The prettiest of the par 3’s.  A shortish, downhill one-shotter over a pond.  This is a potential “ace” hole, framed by towering redwoods.

Hole 6

Par 4 / 385-375-350-345 yds.

The first of back-to-back strong par 4’s.  Though slightly right to left, a tee shot too far to the left puts you in a pond running the length of the fairwayGo over this steep green and find that further troubles await in the form of blind chip shots and steep, deep terrain.

Hole 7

Par 4 / 400-380-260-335 yds.

Left to right, uphill and plays long.  A left to right curve with both the drive and the long second shot best follows the natural flow of the hole.  The green presents another severely sloped task.


Hole 8

Par 3 / 200-190-175-165 yds.

The most difficult of the par 3’s.  Its a long shot to a tricky terraced green with a false front.  Short of the green and a pitch and putt for par helps keep the double-bogeys away.

Hole 9

Par 4 /385-385-375-325 yds.

The tee shot is blind and downhill.  A big, long drive can be expected.  The green has been called “Confusion Hill”.  Like an army, helmet it seems to fall away from the middle in all directions.

Hole 10

 Par 4 / 350-325-325-325 yds.

The snag hole. Line the tee shot up with the iconic old tree and enjoy the start to one of the prettiest 9 holes in all of Northern California.

Hole 11

Par 4+5 / 455-445-430-430 yds.

An iconic hole.  It’s long, tight and downhill to a severely slanted green that is backed by a redwood forest. Don’t be fooled by how wide open some approach shots can seem, this green is smaller than you think and surrounded by hazards.  A par 5 for the red tee players helps a little.

Hole 12

Par 3 / 170-150-130-125 yds.

The most interesting of the Par 3’s.  With rotating tee locations, it can play from short to quite long.  Whatever length, the tee shot needs to be spot-on, as the green presents a very small target.

Hole 13

Par 4 / 340-335-325-325 yds.

Possibly Baywood’s “Signature Hole.”  A short par 4 with alternative routes to play.  There are huge redwoods everywhere, including the prettiest one of them all, right behind the green. Do your best to keep it on the fairway, anything in the rough, off the greens will add more stokes than you think.


Hole 14

Par 5 / 505-480-45-405 yds.

 Another visual treat.  A long, straight three-shotter to the green, again backed by the towering trees.  It looks easy, but the golfer needs to keep focused on the hole and not be distracted  by the gorgeous views of the narrow fairway.

Hole 15

Par 3 /200-175-160-150 yds.

The most forgiving of the par 3’s. Though long on the card, there is room in front to run the tee shot onto the green.

Hole 16

Par 5 / 465-455-435-395 yds.

The easiest hole on the course and fun to play!  The tee shot comes out of a chute and the aim is again at the old snag.  Reachable in two by strong players, dreams of birdies and eagles are fully attainable on the 16th.

Hole 17

 Par 4 /280-265-260-255 yds

The trickiest hole on the course.  Can be driven, but with the smallest green of all, a clear approach is essential.  A short and safe tee shot to the left usually works best.

Hole 18

Par 4+5 / 410-395-390-390 yds.

A dramatic final hole and one the very best anywhere.  It’s green, uphill, usually into the wind and can play very long.  The approach contends with water in front and to the side with a panoramic view of the stylish clubhouse as a backdrop.  It’s a beautiful finish to beautiful Baywood.